Facility Engineering Maintenance Services

  • Isolated Power Supplies (IPS System)
  • Earth-Fault Detection System (EDS System)

It is recommended by several international and UK standards that isolated power systems are to be used for circuits supplying medical electrical life-support equipment or in areas where intra-cardiac procedures are performed. These areas are classified as either “Group 2” or “Clinical Category 4 or 5” locations.

When formulating these safety requirements, it must be remembered that patients may be firmly connected to electrodes, that their skin may be punctured in the process of, for example, inserting a conductive catheter into the bloodstream, and there may be the absence of normal reactions of the patient who may be unconscious, anesthetized, immobilized, etc.

For the above reasons, an IT Power Supply System (Isolated Power Supply) is recommended. The IT System has several advantages over standard TN Earthed Supply systems (normal supply system for most industrial, commercial and domestic applications).