Calibration and Repair Services

Calibration & Repair Services For Test Tools / Simulators & Analyzers Products

Bell comm technologies Sdn Bhd established their calibration lab since 2006, is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Malaysia, making itself to be the first regional lab which calibrates and repairs Fluke Biomedical test tools.

Performing over 1,000 customers local and international, the BCT team consisting of physicists, engineers, and technicians process thousands of instrument calibrations & repairs and employ the efficient tracking system to ensure a rapid high-quality turnaround.

Our Calibration center is Authorised and Accredited from Fluke Biomedical. Our service center is equipped with the necessary instruments, standards, procedures, and personnel to maintain our products at peak performance. Proper use of measurement standards is carefully and continually monitored through controlled audit program.


Bell Comm Technologies (BCT) Laboratory is committed to provide quality and superior calibration services. It is also our commitment to ensure continuous improvement in customer service and are committed to:

  • Maintain good professional practice and quality of its calibration in servicing its customers;
  • Ensure total customer satisfaction by delivering accurate, on-time calibration services and superior customer care and support;
  • Establish, maintain, review and continually improve the management system in order to continually improve the competency of laboratory personnel and quality of calibration services;
  • Committed in maintaining a management system that meets the requirements of Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia and to advocate continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the management system.
  • Ensure that there are no commercial, financial or other pressures which may compromise impartiality and if there is any it has to eliminate or minimize the risk
  • Ensure all customers’ confidential information is properly protected.

Calibration Capabilities

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