Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services

Engineering Operations and Maintenance

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
Corrective Maintenance or Breakdown Maintenance (CM or BM)
Calibration Services (Test Tools Simulators Analyzers)
Condition Appraisal (CA)
Asset Tagging

Scope of Engineering Operations

Routine Inspection – carried out to ensure optimum functionality of each engineering plant.
Planned Preventive Maintenance – a comprehensive maintenance procedure that is planned in advance either in accordance with manufacturer recommendations or based on experience or other standards that may exist for the same, to ensure readiness of the equipment and prevention of any future breakdown.
Corrective Maintenance – an immediate and instantaneous action initiated toward restoring optimum operation level of equipments or other engineering support system following their breakdown.
Calibration of all equipments is carried out at approved frequency to maintain the test equipments with accurate output indicators.
Breakdown – attend all breakdown calls within a stipulated response time to carry out the required repair works within the allowable time.
Forecast and procure spares and consumable requirements at the optimum level of stock holding.
Provide Technical Advice to the client for upgrading, modification and beyond economical repair of a system.
Advise clients on cost saving measures and techniques.
Carry out Asset Tagging at clients facilities for accurate Maintenance Management System (MMS).

Calibration Services
For Test Tools/ Simulators & Analyzers Products

The Technical Service department at Bell Comm Technologies Sdn. Bhd can provide comprehensive after-sales care for all the instruments listed in the products, and also related instruments from other manufacturers.

Our Calibration service has full traceability to national and international measurement standards and is performed according to our Fluke Biomedical procedures.

All equipment calibrated by Bell Comm Technologies Sdn. Bhd is certified and full calibration data will be returned with the instruments. Bell Comm Technologies Sdn Bhd will retain a copy of the calibration data for a period of at least 18 months.

To book equipment in for service or calibration, or obtain a quotation contact our sales department at +603 7785 2055 or email to giving sufficient details about the equipment and about yourself.