RaySafe X2 Solo X-ray Measurement System

RaySafe X2 Solo is a new product line from RaySafe that covers the measurement needs of your specific X-ray modalities. It’s based on the same technology as RaySafe X2, highly esteemed for its user-friendliness and performance, but instead of multi-modality capability, each model meets specific needs. Within your X-ray modalities the X2 Solo will meet all your quality assurance or service measurement needs.

RaySafe X2 Solo users will enjoy a large touch screen showing all parameters simultaneously, sensors ready for measurements without special settings or modes and a base unit storing all readings and showing full waveforms. Plus, much more. It’s true ease-of-use, which saves valuable time and minimizes the risk of making faulty measurements. Or as RaySafe X2 customers say: “It just works”.

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