X-ray QA Instruments

RaySafe provides a complete lineup of products for quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray equipment. Whether your needs are basic or comprehensive, we’ve got you covered.

RaySafe X2 X-ray Measurement System

RaySafe X2 is a multi-parameter, multi-modality instrument. RaySafe X2 combines state-of-the-art sensor technology with a completely new user interface, making X2 the ultimate in user-friendliness. A complete range of sensors is available to cover all your measurements needs.

  • Large touch-screen display for simple operation and great overview of all measured parameters.
  • Full waveforms directly in the base unit for quick analysis of measurements.
  • No special settings to handle different types of X-ray machines. Just connect and measure.
  • Built-in memory – up to 10 000 measurements with waveforms are stored in the base unit.
  • Integrates seamlessly with RaySafe OneQA™ Workflow Automation Software

RaySafe X2 Solo X-ray Measurement System

RaySafe X2 Solo is a new product line from RaySafe that covers the measurement needs of your specific X-ray modalities. It’s based on the same technology as RaySafe X2, highly esteemed for its user-friendliness and performance, but instead of multi-modality capability, each model meets specific needs. Within your X-ray modalities the X2 Solo will meet all your QA or service measurement needs.

  • RaySafe X2 Solo R/F - for conventional X-ray, interventional radiology, surgery, CR, DR, dental (Intraoral, Panoramic, CBCT) and CT (kVp, HVL and time only)
  • RaySafe X2 Solo DENT – tailor made for dental X-Ray supporting all types of dental machines; Cone Beam CT, Panoramic and Intraoral. Includes holder for panoramic measurements.
  • Options include HVL & Total Filtration as well invasive mAs measurements
  • Integrates seamlessly with RaySafe OneQA™ Workflow Automation Software

RaySafe Xi X-ray Measurement System

The RaySafe Xi is a complete system for multiparameter measurements on all X-ray modalities. It simultaneously measures everything from kVp and dose to HVL and waveforms. It has been chosen for many years by leading experts from all over the world.

  • RaySafe Xi makes it easy for you to grow your system over time or as your needs change
  • Majority of diagnostic physicists and government inspectors also use the RaySafe Xi in their daily work
  • Xi View software shows waveforms and easily exports data to Excel for reporting

RaySafe Solo X-ray Measurement System

Designed for specific X-ray modalities where it provides the user with essential features combined with leading precision. While the RaySafe Solo shares the core technology from the market leader RaySafe Xi, it has been adapted to fit a defined need.

  • Ease-of-use saves time, but most importantly, it minimizes the risk of user errors
  • Minimal setup time, acquiring your first exposure take less than one minute

RaySafe ThinX X-ray Measurement System

RaySafe ThinX has been optimized to meet the need for a basic multi-parameter instrument for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, exposure time and pulses. All parameters are conveniently displayed in the large LCD.

  • Provides a fully automatic user interface
  • Perfect choice for radiation measurements in radiographic applications
  • Packed with world-leading, state-of-the-art technology to make your measurements effortless

RRaySafe DXR+ X-ray ruler

The pocket-sized RaySafe DXR+ operates down to 30 kVp and gives an objective, reproducible and immediate read-out.

  • Fully automatic
  • Radiographic and Mammography
  • Ideal for digital imaging
  • 6 - 8 years battery life