Phantoms and Test Tools

We offer a wide range of phantoms and test tools for the diagnostic X-ray machine. They are a great complement to the RaySafe X2, RaySafe Xi and RaySafe ThinX instruments when testing image quality, light field alignment and more.

RaySafe P Fluoro Phantom

The RaySafe P Fluoro phantom is made for acceptance and constancy tests of digital and analog radiography and fluoroscopy equipment. The tests supported include:

  • Collimation and beam alignment
  • Spatial resolution and contrast resolution
  • Homogeneity and dynamic range

RaySafe P 3D Fluoro Phantom

The RaySafe P 3D Fluoro phantom is used to test the cone beam functionality of fluoroscopic X-ray systems. Parameters to test with RaySafe P 3D:

  • Spatial resolution of 3D image
  • Homogeneity in 3D image
  • Noise in 3D image
  • Artefacts in 3D image

ACR Mammography Accreditation Phantom

Was designed to test the performance of a mammographic system by a quantitative evaluation of the system’s ability to image small structures similar to those found clinically.

  • Helps ensure optimum image quality and peak performance of the mammographic system
  • Essential for MQSA compliance

RaySafe CT Dose Phantoms

The CT Dose Phantoms are designed to simulate pediatric and adult heads and bodies. The Phantoms are used primarily for computed tomography dose index (CTDI) measurements essential within your CT quality control program.

  • Tests for both transcutaneous and transvenous external pacemakers
  • Full range of user-selectable measurement algorithms and test loads for external pacemakers
  • Dual-channel signal acquisition for capturing synchronous AV-sequential pulse data
  • Interactive pacemaker and ECG simulation with 5-lead output

Digital Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Accreditation Phantom

The small size of the phantom permits fast, easy comparison of conventional and digital image quality, because you can attain an image of the entire unit in a single exposure.

  • The fast, easy way to test image quality on digital biopsy mammography units and qualify for ACR accreditation
  • Accepted by the ACR for use in Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Accreditation Program
  • One exposure is all you need

RaySafe Pro-Digi Radiography Phantom

The RaySafe Pro-Digi phantom is dedicated for acceptance and constancy tests of digital radiography equipment.

  • 1 mm thick copper plate embedded in PMMA
  • Markings to determine the size and position of the effective radiation field
  • Cone for control of beam perpendicularity within ± 1.5°

RaySafe Pro-Slit

The RaySafe Pro-Slit is a so-called slit camera for accurate measurement of the focal spot size according to IEC 60336:2005. Its smart design enables repeatability and accuracy and the possibility to measure the size of any focal spot with one tool.

  • Fast and accurate measurements of focal spot size

RaySafe Pro-Stand

Adjustable stand, designed to make focal spot measuring procedures easy to perform, as well as ensuring accurate results. It is used with our pinholes and slit camera (not included) and can also be used for manual HVL measurements.

  • Adjustable height from 350 mm to over 600 mm (wide range of magnification)
  • Adjustable horizontal position and vertical angle of the table top

18-228 Stereotactic Needle Biopsy Tissue-Equivalent Training Phantom

This versatile phantom was designed to assist in training technologists and physicians in the use of a stereotactic system, and for verifying the proper operation of mammographic stereotactic biopsy systems

  • Compressible
  • Contains cysts, dense masses and calcifications
  • Proprietary gel simulates physical density and mass attenuation of BR-12

X-ray Pinhole Assemblies

One of the specifications and chief features of an X-ray tube is its focal spot size, a very important factor in the resolution to be achieved during a radiologic examination.

  • 0.010 mm pinhole diameter is for focal spot sizes from 0.5 to 0.10 mm
  • 0.030 mm pinhole diameter is for focal spot sizes below 1.0 mm
  • 0.075 mm diameter is for focal spots from 1.0 to 2.5 mm
  • 0.100 mm diameter is for sizes above 2.5 mm

07-443 Digital Clamshell Densitometer

Get all the benefits of state-of-the-art features in a compact, handheld unit. Become a “speed reader with this accurate, rugged portable Clamshell Densitometer.

  • Two aperture choices: 1 mm and 2 mm
  • Easy touch pads
  • Battery operated
  • Easy read display