Radiation Measurement

RaySafe focuses on solutions for the X-ray room that help to protect patients from unnecessary radiation, help staff reduce their radiation exposure and simplify measurement on X-ray equipment.

Phantoms and Test Tools

We offer a wide range of phantoms and test tools for the diagnostic X-ray machine. They are a great complement to the RaySafe X2, RaySafe Xi and RaySafe ThinX instruments when testing image quality, light field alignment and more.

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Portable Oscilloscope

Handheld Oscilloscopes by Fluke Biomedical give you the power of a Fluke multimeter, digital oscilloscope and paperless recorder combined in an all-in-one, portable multipurpose tool.

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Radiation Safety

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X-ray QA Instruments

RaySafe provides a complete lineup of products for quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray equipment. Whether your needs are basic or comprehensive, we’ve got you covered.

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