VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester

Reliably conduct in-depth testing of gas flow and other respiratory medical equipment with the VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer / Ventilator Tester. Its large 7" touch screen allows you to view multiple measurements at once, and quickly access menu options. It's a portable, traceable, and highly accurate ventilator tester and analyzer for all types of respiratory equipment.

  • Streamline your testing procedure, reduce errors and quicken your test time with the ability to create customized test profiles
  • Ensure patient safety with ultra-low flow and ultra-low pressure anesthesia and flow meter testing
  • Avoid confusion and ensure accuracy with one-channel, full range air flow functionality
  • Reduce testing time with built-in line sensors which automatically test humidity, temperature and oxygen while compensating for atmospheric pressure and environmental conditions

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