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Services we provide

Offering test equipment sales and cost-effective calibration

Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services
Facility Engineering Maintenance Services
Calibration and Repair Services
Radiation Management
Rental & Plan Preventive Maintenance Service

Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services (BEMS)

Our Calibration service has full traceability to national and international measurement standards and is performed according to our Fluke Biomedical procedures.
All equipment calibrated by Bell Comm Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is certified and full calibration data will be returned with the instruments. Bell Comm Technologies Sdn Bhd will retain a copy of the calibration data for a period of at least 18 months.
Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
Condition Appraisal (CA)
Asset Tagging

Facility Engineering Maintenance Services (FEMS)

The backbone of any medical facility lies in its infrastructural systems. With our expertise in Isolated Power Supplies (IPS System) and Earth-Fault Detection Systems (EDS System), we ensure safe, uninterrupted power supply, crucial for life-support equipment.
Compliance with international standards
Catering to “Group 2” or “Clinical Category 4 or 5” locations
Emphasizing patient safety and equipment reliability

Calibration and Repair Services

Accredited under ISO 17025 since 2006, Bell Comm stands proud as Malaysia's pioneering calibration lab for Fluke Biomedical test tools. With over 1,000 satisfied global clients, our experienced team promises swift, precise calibration and repair.
Performing over 1,000 customers local and international, the BCT team consisting of physicists, engineers, and technicians process thousands of instrument calibrations & repairs and employ the efficient tracking system to ensure a rapid high-quality turnaround.
Certified calibrations with full data return
Comprehensive after-sales care
Direct partnership with Fluke Biomedical

Radiation Management

Our proficiency extends to specialized radiation and imaging equipment. With a meticulous preventive maintenance schedule, we ensure seamless operations for healthcare institutions, catering to various devices crucial for day-to-day medical operations.
Comprehensive maintenance services
Rapid response for equipment breakdowns
Premium radiation detectors for safety assurance

Rental & Plan Preventive Maintenance Service

For clients seeking flexibility, we offer rental services coupled with preventive maintenance. Choose from our extensive equipment range, tailored to fit your operational demands, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it.
Customized rental options
Attractive rates and extended rental durations
On-site assistance from trained application engineers
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